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Welcome to Project Atlantis.
Are you fed up of psion sites only providing series 5 software? Or homepages that only have a crappy re-written version of notepad? Then you've found the site you've been looking for!
On Project Atlantis you'll only find software for the Siena, 3a, 3c and 3mx. Sorry series 3 classic users, you're just too old now! Instead of programs no one really wants to have on their psion, Project Atlantis offers the unusual, the essential and the damn cool. If you still don't know what I mean, look around the site and find out.

- Magix (Webmaster)

Neither Project Atlantis nor Psion cannot accept any responsiblilty for loss or damage caused to your Psion or any SSD's and data that may be held on them whilst using any programs, code or information held on, or within any files on this site.

6th Of January 2001 - ZXEmul v1.0 Released
I've finally got around to updating the site again. Radek Svoboda's ZX Spectrum Emulator has been released to the public under version 1.0. You can get it in the downloads section here at Project Atlantis or from his own site, I can't really say much more, you'll just have to download it for yourself.

14th Of December 2000 - General Notice
Just a quick update to let you know that I have recieved the ZXemul and have begun the beta testing. The program is amazing, yet very, very slow on my 3c. 3mx users should be able to have more fun with it as their machines are about 3.5 times faster. As I have just started beta testing there isn't much to say at the moment, but I will probably start a review section, where I will put all my comments and critisims of the ZXemul. This section will get carried on as I review more and more programs. It may turn into a sort of "hall of fame" for 3x apps.

3rd Of December 2000 - General Notice
A simple proposition, if you put a link on your site to me, I will put a link on my site to you. Only series 3x or psion related sites please.
I would also like to hear from anyone who has comments, questions or ideas for improvements for Project Atlantis.
I am considering setting up a series 3x message board where users can advertise their programs, ask for help, post useful code, or generally discuss 3x subjects. Tell me what you think. My E-Mail address is Magix@Project-Atlantis.Co.Uk.

3rd Of December 2000 - Spectrum Emulator Update
Just a quick update about the spectrum emulator. I have recently recieved an E-Mail from Radek Svoboda, the author of the spectrum emulator, he has beta tested the emulator on a 256Kb 3a. After a few minor problems it was up and running, just painfully slow. 3.5 times slower than on the 3mx. So 3a and 3c users, like myself can expect games to run at about 15%-25% of the original spectrum speed. This is a big disappointment, but nothing can be done about it. We will just have to play games which aren't real (or semi-real) time.

19th Of November 2000 - Beta Testing Of Spectrum Emulator
I have been in contact with the author who is writing the spectrum emulator, and once he has completed the initial testing stage, I will become one of his beta testers. This should all be happening very soon, within the next few days I expect.
I will be able to give you my reactions to, in SIBO terms, a feat of engineering, and where to get games for the emulator in a week or two. (Hopefully).

19th Of November 2000 - Z-Machine Interpreter
While I'm on the subject of emulation, I recently discovered a Z-Machine interpreter for the psion. I hadn't heard of Z-Machine before this, so for those of you out there who also don't know, Z-Machine is similar to Java, in that it can be run on any platform providing you have a program to execute it. The Z-Machine format is like a virtual format, it isn't specific to any one OS.
As far as I know it is only used for text adventure games, but there are some damn good games out there, and some spoofs aswell. The interpreter for the psion was written by Bryan Scattergood, a link to the Infocom site can be found in the Links section, and the interpreter is avaliable in the Downloads section.

1st Of November 2000 - Spectrum Emulator For The Psion
I was sent a link from one of my friends screaming about a spectrum emulator for the psion. Naturally I thought it would have been an abandoned project or the page was out of date. But to my suprise the emulator is very real and should be release this month. The site contains some screen shots of old ZX Sinclair games running on a 3mx at 70%-110% of the original spectrum speed. So 3a and 3c users can expect a slower experience. Unfortunately he doesn't have access to a Siena and can't get the key codes, so the first release won't run on a Siena.
There are literally thousands of spectrum games for download on the internet and FTP servers. So get searching!
I don't think there has ever been a program for the psion that looks as promising as this one, it will open up a whole new platform for psion gamers.
For more detail check out the site at

20th Of October 2000 - Project Atlantis Launch
Well finally Project Atlantis is up and running. After 3 different site designs and a lot of putting it off, I actually completed it. You should continue to see updates in the code arena and downloads section mainly.
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